Growing up in Northern California, Ann Erpino was inspired by a variety of natural scenery, and painted murals of imaginary pristine forests, canyons, mountains, and seascapes. Earning an Art degree at U.C. Berkeley, she also studied languages and physical sciences, and recognized paint’s potential to communicate ideas and concepts in visual terms. Nature’s interplay with culture became a steady theme in her art after she had an epiphany about the ephemerality of civilizations, and nature constantly taking over everything.

Ann has painted over 100 images for leading scientists, translating their research, theories, and experiments into scenes depicting a range of scientific concepts and processes, from math to synthetic biology, from robotics to medicine. She’s currently working on a film about the many similarities between quantum and cosmic dynamics, and their joint resemblance to life processes such as self assembly, dreaming, neurobiology, and computation. The film will present original visualized theories about black holes, particle production, worm planes, and dream phases.