The Winfree Science Series

The Ann Erpino and Erik Winfree Science Series gives a glimpse of the scientific life by blending imagery of scientific processes, theories, discoveries, and concepts with the personal attributes of the scientists who pursue them. The series primarily examines the remarkable complexity, diversity, and engineerability of living processes, while also portraying a range of scientific concepts from math to neurobiology, from molecular programming to life’s mineral origins, reflecting a range and depth of scientific concepts.

The series was commissioned by Dr. Erik Winfree after he became tenured at CalTech. Each image is tailored to a specific colleague, mentor, student, collaborator, or intellectual partner who has enriched Dr. Winfree’s scientific life. Each painting portrays some aspect of their character, or their interests and hobbies, a pet theory, or some anecdote of their time spent with Dr. Winfree, while blending it with the science that that person has advanced.

Dr. Winfree tutored Ann in dozens of scientific concepts, told stories of his academic partners and heroes; artist and scientist then jointly conceptualized each painting, before Ann painted them with Dr Winfree’s oversight and input. The original paintings may be seen at Caltech (depending) by appointment.

Descriptions written by Erik Winfree and Ann Erpino

The complete Ann Erpino and Erik Winfree Science Series:

  • Inner Scaffolding - print only, 9x12
  • Affinity - print on canvas, 9x12
  • Wings - print on canvas, 10x20
  • A First Taste - print on canvas, 10x8