descriptions of paintings

Ann Erpino Fine Art

ALLELE POOL – In this imbalanced world, accidents of birth, resources, geography, ability, contemporary governments, and other factors determine whether we flourish or wither, live or die.

AMPHIBIA – As sea levels began to rise, amphibians were among the first class of animals to broadly perish.

AN INEVITABLE MIRACLE – When a seafaring molecule is suddenly ripped apart by a great force, such as that present in a bursting bubble, an opportunity develops for the newly exposed molecular fragments and ‘tails’ to rebuild and repair themselves. At such a moment of restructuring, a mutation may occur which may lead to more complex units forming and becoming life or providing a basis for life. Dr. Bernard Yurke theorizes that just such an occurrence may have beget life on Earth.

BREATHE – Everything must eventually become something else. As life ends in death, so does death bring new life.

COMA: ONE BLOOD – Our aqueous bodies respond to forces such as breezes, the moon’s pull, electrical currents, and other nearby signals. When we lead diverse lives from those of our neighbors, family, and friends, though we may live near each other, we lack the steady conditions of a common environment, diet, occupation, cause, mood, and so on. Had we those primal conditions in common, the bulk of our humors might wave or ripple or flow as the humors of one being. Perhaps we’d experience a human murmuration.

DREAM ISLAND – In this dream the water was amazingly clear.

DREAM’S END – I don’t remember the rest of the dream, just this scene right before waking.

DUELING SHROUDS – We may find some small comfort and beauty in the safety of our passions and shelters, even knowing of the destruction of the world and lives around us.

ECHOES – COMMUNION – Mass consists of webs of vibrations, with smaller particles and waves enveloped by larger particles and waves, each layer providing an energetic and buoyant substrate for the next larger scale of units.

EXEUNT – An aquarium caretaker was refilling the tank and forgot, or didn’t care, that he had already added (salt) to the water, and added some more. The fish, sensing that they were now poisoned and doomed, began to indiscriminately eat each other whole. Some were eating fish so large that they died in the process. I reached in and poked the back of a large pudgy fish, so it regurgitated another fish it had nearly swallowed. One small fish was hiding in a crevice under a rock, knowing it would soon die of contaminated water, or be eaten. I added fresh water to the tank to dilute the poison, though probably too late.

FIELD INDEPENDENT VISION – The ability to see objects’ properties independently of their surroundings, such as recognizing parallel lines among a series of near-parallel lines, may be a function of the corpus callosum. This painting hung on a gallery wall in a dream.

FLOWER OF A HALF DREAM – During insomnia an area of my mind churned for hours, then stayed awake and conscious while another part fell asleep enough to begin dreaming. In there, flashes of light and colorful swirls coalesced into random representational forms. The forms dissipated into swirling colors and flashes, then formed again into other random objects such as a tree, a cat, a flower, and a chair.

HARMONY – A CREATION MYTH Self assembly exists seemingly everywhere, from dust bunnies to molecules to solar systems. Life also seems to occur just about anywhere conditions permit.

ISHI, THE LAST YAHI – The last living member of the Yahi tribe, Ishi lived in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California for many years alone and in hiding. He became so hungry and lonely that he revealed himself to the White settlers.

NUTMEGGER – We walked through these ruins looking for a comfortable place to sit and visit.

ODE TO PAUL – Paul put his death bed by the living room window so he could cheerfully visit with friends and neighbors as he lay dying.

ORPHAN’S SANCTUARY – On a road in a dream I came upon this scene while escaping through the woods from a prison camp. Uphill among the trees women worked in sweatshops; downhill was the prison.

PORTRAIT OF REMEDIOS VARO – A highly underrecognized artist.

RESTITUTION – Through art we may heal and become whole again.

SHY TELEPATHIC TREEFERN MODEL – In a lucid dream this tree fern modeled for me, changing poses with its fronds by my telepathic cue, while I memorized the poses to paint later. I cued the treefern to change its fronds into feathers. It began to do so, but just then some people entered the scene and the tree fern, protective its magical powers, ceased to mutate.

SOLVE FOR X, MIKE – Mike reentered his math class to find that during his absence the other students and teacher had decorated the classroom with pictures of the white bird, which had long disturbed him.

STOLEN LIVES – This painting is dedicated to Mumia Abu Jamal, whose life was stolen, and whose family’s father, brother, son, and husband was stolen in the form of his wrongly incarcerated person. The painting appears in the film: Long Distance Revolutionary, by Street Legal Cinema

STUDIO BURIAL – In a dream a hole had been cut into the ceiling of my studio – a grave that opened to the topside, as if I were underground. Freinds and family dropped earth and flowers into the grave, not seeming to notice my studio below.

THE DAY NOBODY DIED – When people are stressed and depressed about their jobs, home lives and general lack of freedom and leisure, they can seem to be living partial deaths. Future people could evolve toward more humane societies that foster joy, arts, meaningful occupation, and harmony with nature.

THE LEFT HAND PATH – Creativity and imagination generally occur in the right side of the brain, which controls the left side of the body. Artist, poets, dreamers and other right-brain-dominant people can easily feel stranded and unsupported in our left-brain-dominant culture.

THE LOW TIDE DWELLERS – In a dream, the world had become so crowded that many people had no space to move around. When the tide ebbed they moved onto the beach and bartered, visited, rested, and enjoyed that part of their lives. When the tide returned they moved uphill, back into the city, and again there was standing room only.

THE NEWLING – In this dream I had brought several items and small animals back from Bolivia. After most of them had rolled or scampered off into the landscape, an egg remained and was starting to hatch. One each of many different bird species had come, as if emmissaries, to witness the emergence of this new species of bird.

THETA WAVES – In deep, dreamless delta sleep we’re unconscious of any feelings, thoughts, or emotions, or of our surroundings. This calm time away from body and mind, while mentally and emotionally peaceful, also renders us most physically unguarded and vulnerable.

THUNDER – A REVERIE – During a thunderstorm, the rain fell so hard onto touchably close banana leaves outside an open window, that large raindrops bounced into the room almost horizontally.

ZEPHYR’S DRUM – ‘Flow’ is a state in which one is hyperaware of one’s surroundings, of the feel of a texture or breeze on the skin, of a warmth or chill on the shoulders, of scents and sounds, and of known or imagined pleasures or dangers. When immersed in a seamless integration of sensing and acting, with all attention on the task at hand, time is irrelevant, self-consciousness and self evaluations are absent, one can sense being part of the world, and rapture is possible.