About the Artist

Growing up in  Northern California, Ann Erpino was inspired by a variety of natural landscapes. Her early murals depicted imaginary pristine forests, canyons, mountains, and seascapes. In a high school physics class, Ann was intrigued by the similarities between atoms and solar systems. While earning an Art degree at U.C. Berkeley, she also studied physical sciences and languages, and recognized paint’s language-like potential to communicate ideas and concepts in visual terms.

In Pompeii Italy, Ann had an epiphany about the ephemerality of civilizations, and about nature constantly taking over everything. Her travels to archaeological sites, unusual landscapes, and natural wonders have inspired many paintings, as have her dreams, reading, and meditations. She continues to visualize similarities between quantum and cosmic dynamics, and their joint resemblance to certain life processes, such as self assembly, neurobiology, computation, and dream phases.  

Translating the research, experiments, and theories of leading scientists into over 100 paintings, Ann learned about diverse branches of scientific research and theory. Molecular processes, life’s mineral origins, neurobiology, tensegrity, and murmurations each resembled some aspect of her visual cosmic model. While embellishing digital scans of outer space ink paintings, she realized that video would best portray that quantum/cosmic model. Her current project is a film about micro and macro particle similarities, and their resemblance to life processes. The film also presents original visual theories about black holes, particle production, cosmic origins, and sentience.

Ann has worked as a muralist, portraitist, art teacher, and scenographic artist, and has given slide shows and lectures about her paintings at art and science events. She has maintained studio/galleries in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California, and her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and educational institutions. Ann’s award winning art has been featured in films, publications, theater, and tv productions, and belongs to collectors worldwide.